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Bobby Vinton, Dinah Washington, Tammy Wynette, Stevie Wonder und andere
  • UB 40 - Breakfast in Bed
    B-Seite: Breakfast In Bed (LP Version)
    Art. Nr.: SPU001
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  • Valli, Frankie - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
    B-Seite: The Four Seasons - Peanuts
    Art. Nr.: SPV006
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  • Vega, Suzanne - Luka
    B-Seite: Left Of Center
    Art. Nr.: SPV004
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  • Cochran, Eddie - C'mon Everybody
    B-Seite: Gene Vincent - Be-Bop-A-Lula
    Art. Nr.: SPC005
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  • Vinton, Bobby - Blue Velvet
    B-Seite: Blue On Blue
    Art. Nr.: SPV003
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  • Vinton, Bobby - Sealed With A Kiss
    B-Seite: Ev'ry Day Of My Life
    Art. Nr.: SPV005
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  • Washington, Dinah - Unforgettable
    B-Seite: Sarah Vaughan - Broken Hearted Melody
    Art. Nr.: SPW001
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  • Weather Girls - It's Raining Men
    B-Seite: It's Raining Men
    Art. Nr.: SPW004
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  • Wells, Mary - My Guy
    B-Seite: What's Easy For Two Is So Hard For One
    Art. Nr.: SPW016
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  • Art. Nr.: SPV007
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  • Wham - Careless Whisper
    B-Seite: Careless Whisper (Instrumental)
    Art. Nr.: SPW018
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  • White, Barry - Can't get Enough Of Your Love
    B-Seite: Never, Never Gonny Give You up
    Art. Nr.: SPW007
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  • Who, The - See Me, Feel Me
    Excerpt from the TOMMY finale "We're Not Gonna Take It"
    B-Seite: Overture From Tommy
    Art. Nr.: SPW013
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  • Williams, Andy - Moon River
    B-Seite: Days Of Wine And Roses
    Art. Nr.: SPW010
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  • Williams, Larry - Bony Moronie
    B-Seite: You Bug Me, Baby
    Art. Nr.: SPW015
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  • Wilson, Jackie - Squeeze Her, Tease Her
    B-Seite: Your One And Only Love
    Art. Nr.: SPW019
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  • Art. Nr.: SPW009
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  • Wonder, Stevie - Love Light In Flight
    B-Seite: More Than You (Instrumental)
    Art. Nr.: SPW020
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  • Wonder, Stevie - Part Time Lover
    B-Seite: Part Time Lover (Instr.)
    Art. Nr.: SPW005
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  • Yuro, Timi - Hurt
    B-Seite: What's A Matter Baby
    Art. Nr.: SPY001
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