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Manufacturer Wiegandt; in German or English
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This servcie manual for Wiegandt Tonamster - wallmount model - includes the description, parts list and schematics. Table of content:

  • Introduction
  • Assembly and Installation
  • Selection
  • Record Selection Process
  • Clutch
  • Record Separating Process
  • Tone arm mechanism
  • Socket-Power Unit
  • Description Amplifier VE1321
  • Technical Data
  • Parts List
  • Schematic with amplifier VE1321 (German only)
  • Schematic with amplifier VE1325
  • Schematic Nov. 1959

45 pages, spiralbound copy.

Leave a note if you do have a different amp than Philips VE13221 or 1325 in your Tonmaster.

Please note: Model Tonmaster was built from 1956 to 1961 (ca.). There had been some technical changes within the years which are not published in a new manual from what we know. So there might be differences in the illustrated components and those installed in your wall mount model.

The manual is available in English and German. Please choose from the drop-down-list.


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