Ba7s miniature lamp 60V/1,2W

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Item #: L7s-60
60 Volt, 20 mA, 1,2 Watt - 7 x 23 mm
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No. Type Size V mA W Each 10 pcs
L7s-60 Ba7s 7x23 mm 60 20 1,2 € 1,90 € 17,10


This incandescent lamp is e.g. used in:
Tonomat Telematic 200 (credit, 3x)
Panoramic (credit and pushbuttons)
Teleramic (credit, 2x)

Note 12/2019:
The originally used Ba7s lamp did not have a collar between base and globe.
Unfortunately this design isn't available any longer.
The offered lamp does have a small collar - see red arrow in first picture. It makes that the lamp can't be pushed deep enough into the socket.
To make this lamp useable ca. 1mm collar has to be removed from the original socket - see last photo.


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Karin writes: 02.03.2022
Alles klar, immer wieder, hat super geklappt.
peter writes: 22.05.2019
Einwandfrei , sehr gut
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