Control Knobs and Buttons

For adjustments and settings

Knobs are needed to adjust balance, control volume or to do some other settings. Buttons can be used as free play button to play the jukebox without coins.

  • Miniature press-button
    1-pole, 250 V/ 0,5 A, metal
    Item #: E070
    Cart deactivated
  • Push button
    chrome plated
    Item #: E042
    Cart deactivated
  • Volume control knob
    for potentiometer with 6,3 mm shaft
    Item #: E065
    Cart deactivated
  • "Chicken head" knob, white
    German version for 6 mm shaft, original
    Item #: V056
    Cart deactivated
  • "Chicken head" knob, black
    original US version for 6,3 mm shaft
    Item #: V055
    Cart deactivated
  • Volume control knob
    for Tonmaster
    Item #: WI010
    Cart deactivated
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