For Wiegandt

For Diplomat, Tonmaster, and M40

Usually Ronette and Philips cartridges had been installed in Wiegandt jukeboxes. Please compare the installed cartridge resp. stylus in your jukebox with given information. Changes might have been made within the years. The following link shows photos of originally used cartridges to identify and compare: Wiegandt

  • Ronette TO284, 78 rpm
    sapphire, 3 mil, 78 rpm, for Ronette, Merula SK461, Pfanstiehl P51-2, and various by Astatic
    Item #: N346-78
  • Ronette TO284, 45 rpm, diamond
    for Wiegandt, Kirchhoff, Treff, Seeburg possible, and cartridges Pfanstiehl P51-1, Varco-Vaco, various by Astatic and others
    Item #: N346-D
  • Philips AG30110
    diamond, for Diplomat A - C
    Item #: N327
  • Philips AG3016
    45 rpm, diamond, for Diplomat A - C
    Item #: N328
  • Philips AG3063
    diamond, for Diplomat A - C
    Item #: N331
  • Philips AG3306
    sapphire, flip over 2x LPS
    Original Philips No. 946/SS50
    Item #: N475-SA
  • Philips AG3310
    diamond/sapphire, flip over for 2x LPS
    original Philips no. 946/DS51
    for Diplomat A, B and C
    Item #: N475-D
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