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For Seeburg

For 78 rpm and vinyl jukeboxes

Seeburg used mainly magnetic cartridges in their jukeboxes. With introducing model M100A soleyly Pickering cartridges were mounted. Please compare the installed cartridge resp. stylus in your jukebox with given information. Changes might have been made within the years. The following link shows photos of originally used cartridges to identify and compare: Seeburg

  • 78's needle
    For various 78 RPM jukeboxes
    Item #: N78-O
  • Pickering R-150, 78 RPM, sapphire
    for Seeburg M100A, Jensen 40 and Bogh & Egholm BE-2
    price each
    Item #: N362-78-SA
  • Pickering R-150, 45 RPM, sapphire
    for Seeburg, Miniatur de Luxe by Hemauer KG, Jensen, Arietta, Harmonie, possibly Gauselmann
    price each
    Item #: N362-45-SA
  • Pickering R-150, 45 RPM, diamond
    für Seeburg, Miniatur de Luxe by Hemauer KG, Jensen, Arietta, Harmonie, possibly Gauselmann
    price each
    Item #: N362-45-D
  • Seeburg-mono, 1 mil
    Diamond tipped, Seeburg M100B to 201
    for original mono records of the 1950s
    Price each
    Item #: N363.1
  • Seeburg-Mono, 0.7 mil
    Diamond tipped, Seeburg M100B to 201, for mono and stereo records
    Item #: N363.07
    Available again!
  • Seeburg-Stereo
    Diamond, for Seeburg 1967 - 1981, Pickering 345-03D, Sound Leisure, Centuri 2001
    price each
    Item #: N632
  • Astatic N29-1, Diamond
    Diamond tipped for 45 RPM; tip 0.7 mil
    Item #: N213-32
  • Astatic N29-2, sapphire
    Sapphire tipped for intermix 45/78 RPM and repro 78s, tip 2 mil
    Item #: N213-15
  • Astatic N29-3, diamond
    Diamond tipped for 78 RPM; tip 3 mil
    Item #: N213-46
    Limited availability.
  • Astatic N-83
    Diamond, 45 rpm for replacament cartridge for M100A
    price each
    Item #: N585
  • Astatic N2-SD
    Diamond, for Thorpe cartridge
    price each
    Item #: N2641
  • Ronette BF40
    diamond, for Jupiter 104S - 120SL, Marchant Emaphone and Chantal Cocktail, probably Seeburg
    for cartridges from Ronette, PE, Fox, Arista and Sonotone
    Item #: N348
  • Ronette TO284, 45 rpm, diamond
    for Wiegandt, Kirchhoff, Treff, Seeburg possible, and cartridges Pfanstiehl P51-1, Varco-Vaco, various by Astatic and others
    Item #: N346-D
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