Record Accessories

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Though Thomas Alva Edison succeeded to record the voice in 1877, the main invention of the record refers to Emil Berliner in 1888. The first record was made of rubber and in 1897 schellack was used. Dated June, 6 1948 the first vinyl record was introduced, inventor Dr. Peter Carl Goldmark.
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  • Record sleeve for 45s, paper
    white, large centre hole
    Item #: V001
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  • Record sleeves for 45s, paper
    white, large center hole, box with 500 pcs.
    Item #: V002
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  • Record sleeve for 45s, plastic
    polyethylen (PE), thickness 130µ
    Item #: V003
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  • Record sleeves for 45s, plastic
    PE, thickness 130µ, box with 500 pcs.
    Item #: V004
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  • Record sleeve for 78s, paper
    for 10" records, white, feeded inside, weiß, size: 255 x 255 mm
    Item #: V005P
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  • Record sleeve for 78s, cardboard
    brown, for 10" records (25 cm)
    Item #: V005K
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  • Record sleeve for 78s, plastic
    PE, for 10" records; size: 270 x 270 x 0,15 mm
    Item #: V006
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  • Inner record sleeve for LP cover
    white, paper with plastic feedinginside
    Item #: V105
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  • Cardboard box for records, incl. lid
    for storage or transportation
    Item #: V018
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  • Record cleaner set "Disco-Antistat"
    set incl. cleaning lotion
    Item #: WE300
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  • Screw cap
    for record cleaner set "Disco-Antistat"
    Item #: WE305
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  • Cleaning lotion for set "Disco Antistat"
    original cleaner, 1 l bottle
    Item #: WE301
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  • Winyl Pro-Clean-6
    cleaning concentrate for 45 and 78 rpm records
    also good for Knosti and other washing devices
    60 ml bottle yields up to 6 litres of cleaning fluid
    Item #: RP202
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  • Winyl Gel "Advanced Cleaning"
    cleaning gel for vinyl records, 500 ml
    Item #: RP201
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  • Record cleaner
    for vinyl records; incl. microfibre cloth
    200 ml spray bottle
    Item #: RP200
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  • Needle brush, universal
    can be used for all models
    Item #: V095
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  • Carbon hair brush
    to clean records
    Item #: RP210
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  • Cleaning tissues
    10 pcs. box, moist, single packed
    Item #: RP221
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  • Strobe-disc
    for 33, 45 and 78 RPM at 50 Hz
    Item #: V020
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  • Record adaptors, set
    for singles with large centre hole; Set à 10 Stück
    Item #: V019
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