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J as Jackson

Wanda Jackson, Billy Joel, Elton John and others
  • Jackson 5 - Little Bitty Pretty One
    B-side: Looking Through The Window
    Item #: SPJ023
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  • James, Etta - Stop The Wedding
    B-side: Fool That I Am
    Item #: SPJ005
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  • James, Etta - Tell Mama
    B-side: Pushover
    Item #: SPJ022
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  • James, Etta - Wallflower
    B-side: Good Rockin' Daddy
    Item #: SPJ024
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  • Jive Five, The - My True Story
    B-side: When I Was Single
    Item #: SPJ018
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  • Joel, Billy - Honesty
    B-side: Sometimes A Fantasy
    Item #: SPJ006
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  • Item #: SPJ026
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  • John, Elton - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
    B-side: I Saw Her Standing There
    Item #: SPJ012
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  • John, Elton - Sad Songs
    B-side: Club At The End Of The Street
    Item #: SPJ009
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  • John, Elton - True Love
    B-side: Runaway Train
    Item #: SPJ025
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  • Jones, Jimmi - Good Timin'
    B-side: Steam - Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Goodbye
    Item #: SPJ021
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