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Cleaning and Maintenance

To clean, lubricate, grease, and preserve

Many jukeboxes had been stored for many years without being in use anylonger. This causes gummed up mechanisms, dull chrom or metal trims, and the wood looks shabby. Next, oxidised contacts and connectors cause major problems in the sequences of operation. A good cleaning and maintenance will bring great results.

  • Ballistol-Spray, 25 ml
    multi purpose oil, great as contact cleaner
    25 ml small aerosol can to learn about
    Item #: RP034
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  • Ballistol, 50 ml
    multi purpose oil
    50 ml bottle to learn more about
    Item #: RP031
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  • Ballistol, 250 ml
    multi purpose oil
    Item #: RP033
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  • Chrome polish "Gundel-Putz"
    High quality chrome polish
    - Apply - Rub Gently - Polish - Done -
    Item #: RP021
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  • Ball bearing grease
    great for ball bearings, gears etc.
    50 ml tube
    Item #: RP295
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  • Petroleum Jelly
    technical lubricant for mounting
    40 ml plastic can
    Item #: RP297
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  • Item #: WE254
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  • Linen contact cleaning stick, wide
    length 15 cm, width 12 mm
    Item #: WE255
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  • Item #: WE250
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  • Leather contact cleaning stick, wide
    length 15 cm, width 12 mm
    Item #: WE251
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  • Item #: WE252
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  • Item #: WE253
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  • Contact cleaning sticks, 6-pcs. set
    Cloth, sandpaper and leather in 5 and 12 mm width
    Item #: WE256
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  • Winyl Pro-Clean-6
    cleaning concentrate for 45 and 78 rpm records
    also good for Knosti and other washing devices
    60 ml bottle yields up to 6 litres of cleaning fluid
    Item #: RP202
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  • Cleaning tissues
    10 pcs. box, moist, single packed
    Item #: RP221
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