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Other Manuals Europe

Discomatic, Ditchburn, KB, Jensen, Gerinvex

Finding manuals or schematics for jukeboxes of smaller companies isn't easy mostly. We were successful for some and offer them here.

  • Service Manuals and Schematics
    Possibility for a request if the needed paper goods are not listed here or original ones are preferred - specify model type
    Item #: H-SCH
    Cart deactivated
  • Service Manual J-40
    Models Jensen 40
    Item #: HJ40K
    Cart deactivated
  • Service Manual J-80 and J-120
    Models Jensen 80 and 120
    Item #: HJ80K
    Cart deactivated
  • Service Manual Ditchburn Music Maker Mark IX
    Model like Tonomat Panoramic
    spiralbound copy
    Item #: HDPK
    Cart deactivated
  • Service Manual Teleramic 200 and Music Maker
    Manufacturers: Tonomat and Ditchburn
    Item #: HTTRK
    Cart deactivated
  • Service Manual KB Discomatic
    Britain's First Portable Juke Box
    Item #: HKBDK
    Cart deactivated
  • Service Manual Mini Symphomatic
    by Gerinvex, German or French
    Item #: HGMS
    Cart deactivated
  • Item #: HGSIIIK
    Cart deactivated
  • Das Kleine Lautsprecher ABC
    (Not only) for Rock-Ola jukeboxes
    German only
    Item #: B028
    Cart deactivated
  • Grundlagen der Musikboxen-Technik
    Reprint of German technical classes about coin-operated units
    Item #: B024
    Cart deactivated
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