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Work Bench

Having the right tools on hand
A good equiment of the workbench is makes working on jukebox easier. Often it's the small things which bring great result.
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  • Tracking Force Gauge (0-10 g)
    to adjust the tone arm weight
    Item #: WE010
    Cart deactivated
  • Contact alignment tool
    slotted, to adjust contact blades
    Item #: WE085
    Cart deactivated
  • Spring hook
    with two different tips
    Item #: WE093
    Cart deactivated
  • "Third Helping Hand" with lens
    essential assistant for precision work
    Item #: WE089
    Cart deactivated
  • Pin driver Ø 2,5 mm
    for 2,5 mm pins; works with Seeburg mechanisms
    Item #: WE041
    Cart deactivated
  • Item #: WE099
    Cart deactivated
  • Glass fibre pen
    for cleaning contacts, circuit paths, etc.
    Item #: WE071
    Cart deactivated
  • Thickness gauge
    from 0.05 to 1 mm / 0.0020" - 0.040"
    Item #: WE086
    Cart deactivated
  • Allen socket wrenches, set
    10 pcs. in handy case; from 3/16" - 9/16"
    Item #: WE061
    Cart deactivated
  • Strobe-disc
    for 33, 45 and 78 RPM at 50 Hz
    Item #: V020
    Cart deactivated
  • Keyring pendant
    in white, yellow, red, blue and green
    Item #: V250
    Cart deactivated
  • Ball bearing grease
    great for ball bearings, gears etc.
    50 ml tube
    Item #: RP295
    Cart deactivated
  • Needle brush, universal
    can be used for all models
    Item #: V095
    Cart deactivated
  • Item #: WE101
    Cart deactivated
  • Record adaptors, set
    for singles with large centre hole; Set à 10 Stück
    Item #: V019
    Cart deactivated
  • Winyl Pro-Clean-6
    cleaning concentrate for 45 and 78 rpm records
    also good for Knosti and other washing devices
    60 ml bottle yields up to 6 litres of cleaning fluid
    Item #: RP202
    Cart deactivated
  • Winyl Gel "Advanced Cleaning"
    cleaning gel for vinyl records, 500 ml
    Item #: RP201
    Cart deactivated
  • Item #: WE250
    Cart deactivated
  • Leather contact cleaning stick, wide
    length 15 cm, width 12 mm
    Item #: WE251
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  • Item #: WE252
    Cart deactivated
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