World of Fairy Tales

For playing, collecting, and decorating - for both young and old

Fairytale Koesener Toy ManufacturerThe fairy tale characters with their faces intricately are all crafted by hand in meticulous processes, using top quality material only. The body is made of woven imitation fur and has been filled with hollow core fibres. The clothes are made from best fabrics, felt, and imitation leather can can be changed. The fairy-tale characters are suitable as toys for children from 4 years. They appeal to the children's imagination and the fairy-tales can be acted-out or own stories being played.

  • Puss in Boots
    Manufacturer Kösen, height 40 cm (~ 16")
    2. Price "TED Worldwide 2003", categorie "The Zoo".
    Item #: Kö-F1100
  • Musketeer, blue
    Manufacturer Kösen, height 40 cm (~ 16")
    Item #: Kö-F1150
  • Musketeer, red
    Manufacturer Kösen, height 40 cm (~ 16")
    Item #: Kö-F1140
  • Musketeer, black
    Manufacturer Kösen, height 40 cm (~ 16")
    Item #: Kö-F1160
  • Unicorn
    Manufacturer Kösen, height 36 cm (~ 14.5"), white
    Item #: Kö-F1360
  • Pegasus
    Manufacturer Kösen, size 36 cm (~ 14.5"), white, removable wings
    Item #: Kö-F1390
  • Dragon "Tatzel"
    Manufacturer Kösen, height 42 cm (~ 17"), green
    Item #: Kö-F1340
  • Stegosaurus
    Manufacturer Kösen, size 43 cm (~16.9"), brown
    Awarded with "Spiel gut" (Play Well).
    Item #: Kö-F7010
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