Silke Teddies

True companios for children from the age being a baby

Teddy Koesen Stuffed Toy
The traditional brand SILKE is well-known for children's teddies of finest quality. They are made with loving care by hand in the German town Bad Kösen. Material which harmonises with each other, expensive cuts and not least, hand-knitted details and finishing give the toys their particuliar character. They invite for playing and offer a longevity - and might be a friend for a very long time.
Of course SILKE teddies can be washed - depending on material by hand, at 40°, or 60°C.

  • Polar Bear "Smilla"
    Manufacturer Kösen, size 19 cm (~7.5), white, swivvel head
    Limited edition of 100 units.
    Item #: Kö-F7220
  • Teddybear "Anuschka"
    Manufacturer Kösen, size 27 cm (~ 10.8"), white, green dress and a basket
    Mohair. Limited edition of 100 units.
    Item #: Kö-F7090
  • Teddy "Charlotte"
    Manufacturer Kösen, size 37 cm (~ 14.6"), light brown, mohair
    Item #: Kö-F6660
  • Teddy "Charlie"
    Manufacturer Kösen, size 32 cm (~ 12.6"), brown, mohair
    Item #: Kö-F6650
  • Cuddly teddy bear "Flocke"
    Manufacturer Kösen, height 38 cm, white
    Item #: Kö-S71041
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