Magnet "Ducati 60"

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"Ducati 60: 75 km on 1 lt.  •   60 ee engine  •  4 stroke  •  pedal gear change"

In 1926 the brothers Adriano and Marcello Ducati founded the company "Società Scientifica Radiobrevetti DUCATI" in Bologna producing parts for radios. When Italy entered WW2 DUCATI had to produce military items (like probably many companies). But when the war was (finally) over, they changed again and made the first auxiliary motors for bikes called "Cucciolo" (doggy). This did win success in races soon.
In 1950 DUCATI started the production of Ducati 60 Sport, their first motorbike built by themselves.

This magnet helps to get your notes organized - no matter on your fridge, a metal lamp or a magnet board. The fullsize magnet on the rear ensures that also several memos will be hold. The motif gives a nice decoration to your kitchen, office, living or bedroom, too.

Size: 6 x 8 cm


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