Motor run capacitor 0.75 + 1.65 µF

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Item #: S042
Seeburg Q - USC2 (1960 - 1971) and
SPS160 - STD4, 100-78D (1972 - 1978)
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This motor run capacitor is for use in all Seeburg models from model Q (1960) to STD4 (Mardi Gras, 1977) and 100-78D (Celecstia, 1978).

With its round can shape it is an true to original replacment for Seeburg Q to USC2 (Firestar, 1971). Beginning in 1972 with model SPS160 (Olympian) an oval can shape was used. The values stayed the same though.

Values: 0.75 and 1.65 µF, 400 Volts. High quality, industrial standard, true to original. The pins to mount are marked so the capacitor can be mounted like the original one.

If you have a motor which doesn't start well or doesn't run smooth you might want to check this component. The soldering connectors are marked.

High quality, industry standard.
Quality can't be compared with "self-made" capacitors in plastic tubes.

Originally this capacitor is needed for the following models:
- Q100, Q160, AQ100, AQ160 / EQ100, EQ160, EAQ100, EAQ160
- Y100, Y160, AY100, AY160 / EY100, EY160, EAY100, EAY160
- DS100, DS160 / EDS100, EDS160
- LPC1, LPC480 / ELPC1, ELPC480
- U100, U100D / EU100, EU100D
- PFEA1U, APFEA1 / EPFEA1U, EAPFEA1 - Electra, Fleetwoood
- SS160 / ESS160 - Showcase
- S100 / ES100 - Phonojet
- LS1, LS2, LS3 / ELS1, ELS2, ELS3 - Spectra, Gem, Apopllo
- SE100 / ESE100 - Golden Jet
- USC1, USC2 / EUSC1, EUSC2 - Bandshell, Bandshell Firestar
- SX100, SL100 / ESX100, ESL100 - Bogy, Marauder, Carnival
- SPS160, SPS2 / ESPS160, ESPS2 - Olympian, Matador
- FC1, FC2 / EFC1, EFC2 - Regency, Hutch
- STD160, SQS160 / ESTD160, ESQS160 - Vogue, Quadrophonic
- STD2, SQS2 / ESTD2, ESQS2 - Entertainer, Quad Entertainer
- STD3, SQS3 / ESTD3, ESQS3 - Sunstar, Quad Sunstar
- STD4, SQS4  / ESTD4, ESQS4 - Mardi Gras, Quad Mardi Gras
- 100-77, 100-78 / E100-77, E100-78 - Topaz, Celestia

For the models made before the Q another capacitor with slightly different values had been used - we offer that one too - our item no. S043.


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Andreas writes: 14.03.2024
Sehr gute Nachfertigung! Ich bin absolut zufrieden damit auch wenn bei meiner ELPC1 die originale Befestigungsschelle dafür etwas sehr eng war im Durchmesser. Top!
Benjamin writes: 25.02.2023
I have been using these for a few years now and not only do they fit and look like the originals they work perfectly. Well worth the money in my oppinion.
Lawrence J. writes: 20.07.2019
This is EXACTLY what I needed. This is just about as close to an exact replacement as you’re going to find.
Anthony writes: 03.12.2017
Perfect fit, looks just like the old one.
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