Service Manual Prestige 160A

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Item #: HNP160AK
Year 1970, models using TT drive belt
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This service manual for NSM Prestige 160A (year 1970) includes next to the description the parts list and the schematics.
We offer the English version which was originally published for 110V 60 cycles version jukeboxes. We extended it for use with 220V/50 cy. versions to take care of those models too. Index:

  • Specifications 110V/60 cy. and 220V/50 cy.
  • Measurements and Weights
  • Installation of the Phongraph
  • Sequences of Operation
  • Wiring Diagram Prestige 160A
  • Operating Scheme Prestige 160A
  • Circuit Description Prestige 160A
  • Transistor Amplifiers 70S and 70Sbb
  • Trouble Shooting Chart
  • Lubrication Chart
  • Additions

About 115 pages, written in English, spiralbound copy in b&w

Note: This given service manual is only for Prestige 160 resp. Prestige 160A, not for Prestige 160B, 160 Bb, 160C, 160D, E160, ES160, ESII. Please compare with the model name on the ID plate of your jukebox (back).

You may leave a note if you've gotten a different amplifier in your jukebox.



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Michael writes: 06.03.2020
Sehr gute Bedienungsanleitung. Sie hat mir sehr geholfen :-)
Richard writes: 25.02.2018
Sehr gute Grundlage für Servicearbeiten.
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