For Bergmann, Harting, Jupiter

Diamond or sapphire tipped

Models from Bergmann Symphonie 40, Harting M100, Jupiter 104, and up. Please compare the installed cartridge resp. stylus in your jukebox with given information. Changes might have been made within the years. The following links show photos of originally used cartridges to identify and compare: Bergmann, Harting, and Jupiter

  • Elac SM 11
    diamond, for mono cartridge Elac KST 11 and PE10 (Perpetuum Ebner); used in Bergmann, Tonomat, Harting and maybe in some Rock-Ola mono models
    Item #: N254
  • Elac SM 103
    diamond, for Bergmann, Harting, NSM, Tonomat, Rock-Ola jukeboxes. Some AMI might be possible
    Item #: N261
  • Teppaz-Visseau
    sapphire, for Bergmann and Jupiter
    Item #: N385
  • Ronette BF40
    diamond, for Jupiter 104S - 120SL, Marchant Emaphone and Chantal Cocktail, probably Seeburg
    for cartridges from Ronette, PE, Fox, Arista and Sonotone
    Item #: N348
  • Merula STC488
    sapphire tipped for Harting and Gauselmann; fits also Merula STC487 in Jupiter, Fox 2125 and 2126
    Item #: N743
  • Merula STC485/486
    diamond, for Jupiter stereo models
    Item #: N637
  • Merula SC 474
    saphire, fits grey Jupiter stereo cartridge
    cost-saving alternative to N113
    Item #: N474
  • Jupiter Grey
    sapphire, fits grey Jupiter stereo cartridge
    Item #: N113
  • Merula STK 495/1
    sapphire, for Deutsche Wurlitzer and Jupiter
    Item #: N534
  • Pickering V-15/AC-1
    diamond, for magnetic cartridges NP/AC and Stanton 400V.3
    Item #: N592
  • Columbia DSN-45
    diamond for cartridges Japan Crown, Denon Columbia DSN 45, JVC, Pfanstiehl P-132D
    stylus for often used replacement cartridge
    Item #: N2098
  • Garrard GCS23
    diamond for cartridges Garrard GCS23, S2, S3, Fox 2169, flipover
    Item #: N680
  • Ronette SC107
    sapphire for cartridge Ronette 107
    Item #: N694
  • Ronette 107
    diamond for cartridge Ronette 107, flipover
    Item #: N807
  • Merula STC487
    diamond, for Bergmann (Concorde), President, Jupiter 120C etc.
    for cartridges Merula STC487 and Fox 2156
    Item #: N695
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