For Bergmann, Harting, Jupiter

Diamond or sapphire tipped

Models from Bergmann Symphonie 40, Harting M100, Jupiter 104, and up.

  • Elac SM 11
    diamond, for mono cartridge Elac KST 11 and PE10 (Perpetuum Ebner); used in Bergmann, Tonomat, Harting and maybe in some Rock-Ola mono models
    Item #: N254
  • Elac SM 103
    diamond, for Bergmann, Harting, NSM, Tonomat, Rock-Ola jukeboxes. Some AMI might be possible
    Item #: N261
  • Teppaz-Visseau
    diamond, for Bergmann and Jupiter
    Item #: N385
  • Ronette BF40
    diamond, for Jupiter 104S - 120SL, Marchant Emaphone and Chantal Cocktail
    for cartridges Ronette 105, PE90, Fox 2114
    Item #: N348
  • Merula STC 488
    diamond tipped for Harting and Gauselmann; fits also some Jupiter, Fox 2125 and 2156
    Item #: N743
  • Merula STC485/486
    diamond, for Jupiter stereo models
    Item #: N637
  • Merula SC 474
    diamond, fits grey Jupiter stereo cartridge
    Item #: N474
  • Merula STK 495/1
    sapphire, for Deutsche Wurlitzer and Jupiter
    Item #: N534
  • Pickering V-15/AC-1
    diamond, for magnetic cartridges NP/AC and Stanton 400V.3
    Item #: N592
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