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The Rolling Stones in Hamburg und Bremen - by Thorsten Schmidt
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In the 60s the Rolling Stones drove a wedge between the generations. Parents were against them. And teenagers loved them all the more.
But why?
What else could you expect from a Rolling Stones concert apart from the music of the "world´s hardest band"?

Hamburg photographer, Friedhelm von Estorff, took photos of the Rolling Stones from 1965 to 1973 at their concerts in Hamburg and Bremen.
His shots capture the mood on and back stage, at press conferences and at the airport: these unusual pictures give insights behind the ”bad boy” image. Enthusiastic teenage fans, brusque policeman and the press reviews of those days have helped make this book
a record of teenage revolution in search of "Satisfaction"......

This photo book shows on 96 pages 150 photos, some in colour, of all tour poster, tickets and ads as well as interviews with BRAVO reporter Thomas Beyl and the concert manager H.W. Funke.

96 pages, 21 x 27 cm, hardvover, written in German and English


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