Service Manual Seeburg SB100

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Magnastar, incl. Installation & Operation and Parts Catalog
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Seeburg did not publish an own service manual for models Magnastar (SB100 resp. ESB100). They refered to already existing manuals and published new only the Installation & Operation Manual and the cabinet Parts Catalog.
This service manual we offer is a combination of all needed components to give detailed information like description, adjustments, maintenance, schematics, circuits, and the complete parts list.

  • Installation & Operation Manual
    • Specifications
    • Description
    • Installation
    • Accessories
    • The Seeburg Stereophonic System Basic Rules for Installation
    • Combined Stereo Speaker System Installation
    • Combined Stereo & Monaural Speaker System Installation
    • Monaural Only on Remote Speaker System Installation
    • Record & Stylus Care
    • General Maintenance
  • Service Manual
    • General Description
    • Export Note
    • Cabinet Cabling
    • Credit Add and Subtract
    • Simplified Circuits: Write-In, Sensing and Trip, Read Out, Tormat Memory Unit
    • Mechanism Motor Power Circuit
    • Select-O-Matic Mechanism Operation & Adjustments Manual
  • Parts Catalog
    • Cabinet
    • Coin Equipment
    • Select-O-Matic Mechanism145ST14 & 145ST14-5
    • Electronic Units: SHP2, SCC9, SPU5, DES110, TES112-56
  • Lubrication Chart
  • PRVC4K Instruction Sheet

About 190 pages, spiralbound copy on 90 g paper  8.5 x 11", written in English


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