Service Manual Telematic 200 and Music Maker 20

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Manufacturers: Tonomat and Ditchburn
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This English service manual for Tonomat "Telematic 200" resp. "Music Maker 200" by Ditchburn is a nowadays translation of the original German manual. It was mainly done by S. and S. Saunders, UK.
It includes the parts list, a trouble shooting guide and the schematics as well as the instructions for the amplifiers T-32 and T-33. The wiring diagram is oversized and is included. Table of content:
  • Important data of the "telematic 200"
  • Installation and operation
  • Description of the electrical functions when dialing
  • Description of credit
  • Change in the credit settings
  • Equipped with long-playing records
  • Electrical functions when selecting an LP
  • Description of the electrical functions when changing records
  • Adjustment
  • Description of the mechanical functions when changing plates
  • Diagnostic sources of interference
  • General electrical switching faults
  • Maintenance and care Guarantee
  • Individual parts of the mechanics
  • Individual parts - housing rear view
  • Single parts - housing front view
  • Amplifier T32 and T33

Please note: During production some changes had been made to Telematic 200.
1. Version: One motor for changing and playing records = only one motor for both. Next to this there are one selection and one magazin motor.
2. Version: One motor for changing records and another one for playing them. Next to this there are one selection and one magazin motor.
These changes are only be shown in the extra wiring diagram.

38 pages, written in German or English, spiralbound copy

Please choose the version of your jukebox and the preferred language.

Note: The reproduction is with kind approval of "T”- org / C. W. Schmitt.


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