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Service Manual Wurlitzer 1015

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This Service Manual for the Models 1015 from 1946 covers the installation, description, hints, adjustments, schematics and more.

  • General Description
    • Cycle of Operation
    • Operation of Electric Selector System
    • Moto-Drive Coin Register
    • Coin Selector Mechanism
    • Impulse Stepper
    • Sound System: Pick Up, Volume Control Unit, Amplifier, Speaker
  • Installation
    • New Phonograph
    • Auxiliary Microphone Equipment
    • Auxiliary Speaker Equipment
  • Adjustments
    • Tone Arm Adjustments
    • Record Tray Stop Post Adjustment
    • Tone Arme Feed-In Weight Adjustment
    • Selector segment Gear Adjustment
    • Torsion Spring Adjustment
    • Record Tray selector Block Adjustment
    • Turntable Height Adjustment
    • Ratchet Trip Wire Adjustment
    • Clutch Adjustment
    • Tone Arm return Screw Adjustment
    • Electric Selector Drum Adjustment
    • Over-Ride Switch Adjustment
    • Moto-Cut-Off Switch Adjustment
    • Moto-Drive Starting Switch Adjustment
    • Moto-Drive Coin Register Adjustment
    • Coin Selector Mechanism Adjustment
    • Electric Selector Relay (Junction Box) Adjustment
  • Maintenance
    • Preparing Phonograph for Move
    • Care of Needles and Record Lubrication
    • Lubrication
  • Schematics
    • Electrical Selector
    • Junction Box Wiring Diagram
    • Cabinet Wiring Diagram
    • Pictorial Wiring Diagram
    • 219 Impulse Stepper Wiring Diagram
    • Sound System Schematic
    • Model 78 Microphone Schematic
    • Speaker Fader Schematic
  • Parts List

About 106 pages, written in English, spiralbound copy on 90g paper (8.5 x 11")


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Marcacci writes: 07.04.2018
Perfect and complete technical manual, I can recommend it, it is a very good services company
Peter writes: 05.02.2018
alles bestens, vielen Dank
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