Service Manual Wurlitzer 1500, 1550

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This Service Manual for models Wurlitzer 1500 and 1550 (not 1500A and 1550A) consists of two units: Service Instructions & Parts Catalog and a supplement therefore. The supplement describes those changes Wurlitzer made already while this model was in serial production.
The complete service manual includes the installation instructions, technical data, a general description, hints, adjustments, schematics, diagrams and more. The parts are shown in exploded grafics.

  • Service Instructions & Parts Catalog
    • Specifications
    • General Description
    • Installation
    • Adjustments
    • Maintenance
    • Auxiliary Equipment
    • Wiring Diagrams: Sequences, Amplifier 516, Schematic Wiring Diagram 1500 - 1550, Aux. Amplifier 227 - 228, Wallbox 5204, AVC, Adapter Box
    • Parts List
  • Service Instructions & Parts Catalog Supplement
    • Cycle of Operation
    • Selector Crank and Stop Plate Slide
    • Switches
    • Switch Functions
    • Unpacking
    • Adjustments
    • Parts List
    • Schematic Wiring Diagram Supplement

About 160 pages incl. oversized schematic, written in English, spiralbound copy on 90g paper (8.5 x 11")


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