Philips AG3310

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Item #: N475-D
diamond/sapphire, flip over for 2x LPS
original Philips no. 946/DS51
for Diplomat A, B and C
Cart deactivated

Double sided diamond/sapphire tipped stylus for cartridges Philips AG3310 used in Wiegandt Diplomat A, B and C.
It can as well be used in cartridge AG3306 which had been equipped with a sapphire tipped needle back then.

2x LPS - 33 & 45 rpm
Original Philips no. 946/DS51

The needle fits as well cartridges 22GP200, 22GP230 and 22GP300.

The following link shows photos of original cartridges for an easier identification: Wiegandt


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René writes: 29.12.2021
Sensationell, dass man auch dieses Produkt hier bekommt. Ich benutze diese Nadel für meine Musikschränke von Grundig.
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