Micro switch with short lever

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Item #: WD020
1U / 16A / 250 VAC
Deutsche Wurlitzer with horizontal record player

This micro switch replaces defective ones in all German Wurlitzer models which offer the horizontal playing position, and in the mechansim #41200. The orig. part number is 0020420024.
It replaces as well the micro switches at the actuating disc and the K7 switch. Orig. part number: 0020420027 resp. 11206.
Furthermore it can be acting as a NC, NO, or changeover contact.

Voltage: 250V
Switching current max: 16A
Switching current inductive: 4A
Force: 0.5N
Contact-type: 1 change-over
Size plastic body: 27.8 x 16 x 10.3 mm
Distance between the holes: 25 mm
Lever: Steel, 26 mm
Terminals: 6.3 x 0.8 mm
Note: Compared to the originally used microswitch the upper contact is (2) the closed one.


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