Cobra-wire, Ø 2.8 mm

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Item #: E016
for Wurlitzer jukeboxes with Cobra cartridge only, price per meter
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The particuliar transmitting of the tone signal requires a special wire for Wurlitzer amps using the Zenith Cobra cartridge. Otherwise sound distorsions will be the result.
A complete tone arm wire consists of two different one: A thin one (item E015) running through the tone arm and this thicker one (E016) going to the amp.

Diameter: 2.8 mm
Characteristic: Coaxial
Colour: Black
Outer shield: PVC

To increase flexibility of the wire the outer PVC shield can be removed partially.

Price per running meter.

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Oswald writes: 03.01.2022
wie immer super und zuferlässig!!!
Oswald writes: 03.01.2022
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