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Tubes & Valves

Old stock or new production

Tube amplifiers were used until mid 1970. Seeburg went for transistorized amplifiers starting in 1963 already. Rock-Ola followed in 1964, went back to proven tube amps for two years but made a new attempt in 1966/67. The US and German Wurlitzer started with transistorized amplifiers in 1965, and AMI used valve amplifiers even until 1974 parallel to transistorised ones. In Europe the change was made in the mid to late 1960s as well.
A note: The term "valve" is used with British English while "tube" is used with US English.

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  • Item #: 1619
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  • 6973 - Power Tube
    by Electro-Harmonix, price each
    pairs or quads get matched
    Item #: 6973EH
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  • AZ12 - Full-Wave Rectifier
    filament 4V, old stock
    Item #: AZ12
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  • Item #: EF83
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  • Item #: EL12
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  • EZ81 - Full-Wave Rectifier
    equivalent of 6CA4, old stock
    Item #: EZ81
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  • Tube box, type B
    fits tube EL84, 6973 etc.
    Item #: E211
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  • Tube box, type C
    fits tube 6SN7 etc.
    Item #: E212
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  • Tube box, type E
    fits tube #45, 6550A etc.
    Item #: E214
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  • Tube box, Type D
    fits tube 6L6GC, 5U4GB etc.
    Item #: E213
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