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Magazine belt Bergmann S100

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Item #: BE006
Models 1963: S100W wallmount and S100S floor model
1960 mm or 2080 mm
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This belt holds the records in the magazine while spinning. The old material tends to get brittle - if the belt breaks the records will fall down and might get cracked in the mechanism.
Old belts should be replaced when restoring the jukebox.
Material: High-strength texture with rubber

During the years we discovered different belt sizes in Bergmann S100W and S100S mechanisms.
1. Length 1960 mm, width 10 mm
2. Length 2080 mm, width 10 mm

The different lengths of the belts might be related to two different Bergmann wall mount models:
  • In 1963 the first Bergmann wallmount model S100W was produced parallel to floor model S100S.
  • One year later in 1964 again two models were introduced: Floor model S100SL (Stereo Luxus) and another wallmount S100 (shows two record covers behind the title glass). If your model needs a longer belt than 2080 mm, then we can't supply any longer.
Please compare the length of the belt you need and choose from the drop-down-list.

The 2nd picture shows S100S floor and S100W wallmount models for illustration.


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