TT flat drive belt, large

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Item #: NSM003
Fanfare Silber and NSM Serenade models 1963 - 1967, Harting M140 and M2000

Drive belts of turntables age within the years, get brittle or harden. A cranky sound is often the result. Our drive belts are new belts that were manufactured according to factory specifications. They are durable and have a good grip on the surface.

NSM: This flat drive belt is driven by the smaller idler wheel. See second picture. It is for these models for 45 rpm only built from 1961 - 1967:
- Fanfare Silver
- Serenade Stereo Magic
- Letkiss
- Minibox
- Consul 100
- Festival 130
- Hit 130
- Consul 130
- Letkiss 130
The small drive belt can be found with part number NSM001.

This belt is the larger one driven directly by the motor. See third photo. Models:
- M140
- M140K
- M140S
- M2000
The small drive belt can be found with part number H100.


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Thomas writes: 20.03.2022
Franz writes: 01.03.2022
Die gewohnte Qualität von Stamann.
Dietmar writes: 07.12.2021
Harting M140 : Riemen passt perfekt
Tim writes: 14.10.2020
Funktioniert perfekt!
Hans-Peter writes: 12.05.2020
Riemen passt bestens und bringt auch wieder die richtige Geschwindigkeit!
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