Drive belt Harmonie

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The turntable of wallmount and floor models Harmonie by Beromat (affiliate of Wullf, Berlin) gets driven by a flat belt. These days this one is often brittle or even torn. Hence the function is not given anylonger.

Models: Harmonie 120SW (wallmount), 120 STS, and 200 STS (floor models)

Note: We did find two different original drive belts used back then. They differ in length with 5 mm from each other. This offered drive belt has the length of the shorter one. On first impression it may look too small. The second photo shows our drive belt mounted into a mechansim with originally the longer one. As you can see it fits tight, but it fits and speed is correct.
To mount place the drive belt on top, press against the lower drive wheel and turn this manually. Doing so the belt moves itself into position. Some pressure is needed though.


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