TT drive belt, type B

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Item #: NSM002
NSM 1967/68 - 1976, Ø 57 mm
fits also early Eltec F60
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Drive belts show wear within the years. They can get hard or brittle, they get longer or a notch can be seen after many years. A cranky sound or one with distortion will be the result.

NSM: Exact reproduction of the NSM TT-drive belt for the NSM models 1967/68 to 1976 - see listing. Original part number 207353 (*) and 23360.
The left hand photo shows part of the mechanism (33/45 rpm) where the drive belt is guided over two idler wheels. One belt per NSM jukebox is required.

  • Consul 130D*
  • Hit 130D*
  • Festival 130D*
  • Prestige 160*, Prestige 160A, Prestige 160B, Prestige 160Bb, Prestige 160C, Prestige 160D
  • Prestige 120, Prestige 120A, Prestige 120B, Prestige 120Bb, Prestige 120C, Prestige 120D
  • Consul 160, Consul 160B, Consul 160C, Consul160D
  • Consul 120, Consul 120A, Consul 120B, Consul 120C, Consul 120D
  • Hit 120, Hit 120A, Hit 120B
  • Century 21

Earlier models for 45 rpm only use two drive belts guided over one idler wheel only - compare NSM001.
On NSM models using the so called "E" technology the TT is driven directly, hence no drive belt is needed.

Eltec F60: The early production run uses drive belts instead of drive wheels - see photos #3 and 4. These NSM drive belts can be used therefore. The motors might need a slight adjustment in their position. Two belts per Eltec F60 wallmount jukebox are required.


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Ralf writes: 20.05.2019
Herzlichen Dank für die Antriebsriemen.
Hab sie gleich in 2 NSM Boxen eingebaut und bin begeistert von der Qualität.
Roland writes: 10.12.2018
Super damit ist das Leiern weg
Martin writes: 20.10.2018
Prima snaar en is een aanrader om deze te vervangen om veel ergernis te voorkomen, snelle verzending
Christophe writes: 23.03.2018
bon produit, ne pas hésiter à remplacer les courroies qui sont bien souvent détendues
Waltraud writes: 12.12.2017
Sehr gute Ware und super schnellen Versand
Delahaye writes: 16.11.2017
Très bien pour nsm 120d
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