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AMI Continental, Lyric

Years 1960 - 1962

In May 1960 AMI Lyric and Continental were introduced as an "Compact Addition" to the current AMI K line. Lyric and Continental are somewhat smaller than regular AMI jukeboxes and both were planned to be offered at a lower price. A year later Continental 2 was introduced. All models show a kind of space design. If model Lyric 2 was ever build in series production, is not known (by us).

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  • Item #: A053
    Cart deactivated
  • Instruction glasses, turqouise
    für Conti 1 and Lyric, manual selector
    in EN, DE, IT, and NL, price per pair
    Item #: A075
    Cart deactivated
  • Instruction glasses, orange
    for Conti 2 and Lyric, manual selector
    in EN, DE, IT, and NL, price per pair
    Item #: A076
    Cart deactivated
  • Coin glass, turquoise
    for Conti 1 - different versions
    Item #: A065
    Cart deactivated
  • Coin glass, orange
    for Conti 2 - different versions, price each
    in DE, AT, NL, SE, GB, US, and IT
    Item #: A066
    Cart deactivated
  • Cash box door J - Conti 2
    made from aluminium, plain
    Item #: A390
    Cart deactivated
  • Cash box AMI I - Conti 2
    stainless steel, AMI I, J, K, Continental, Lyric und Continental 2
    Item #: A335
    Cart deactivated
  • Pulse converter cover
    models G-200 to Conti 2
    Item #: A040
    Cart deactivated
  • Pulse generator wiper blade
    models G-200 to I-200, WQ-120 and WQ-200
    Item #: A070
    Cart deactivated
    Available again!
  • Wiper blade "Pulse Receiver & Receiver Selector"
    Pulse receiver: AMI G200 - K
    Receiver selector: AMI K - Conti 2
    Item #: A072
    Cart deactivated
  • Wiper blade "Credit Unit"
    And „Pulse Receiver“, models G200 to Conti 2
    Item #: A071
    Cart deactivated
  • Item #: A302
    Cart deactivated
  • Item #: A303
    Cart deactivated
  • Item #: A300
    Cart deactivated
  • Outer ring for TT, velvet
    AMI D 80 and up, BAL-AMI, Jensen, IMA-AMI
    Item #: A120
    Cart deactivated
  • Drive belt for scan control
    model J (late series), K and Continental
    Item #: A014
    Cart deactivated
  • Magazine belt
    AMI G-200 to Conti 2
    Item #: A001
    Cart deactivated
  • Decals for record magazin
    AMI G-200 to Conti, 200 selections
    Item #: A087
    Cart deactivated
  • Motor brushes AMI
    for gripper and magazin motors of various models
    Item #: A002
    Cart deactivated
  • TT-bushing AMI, type B
    for TT motors AMI K and up
    Item #: A211
    Cart deactivated
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