Grill screen AMI Continental 2

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shiny golden anodized
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We are glad that we can offer the grill screens for the AMI Continental 2 models again!

From our point of view the intensity of the golden color and the gloss level are perfect on the current batch.

If you replace pale and damaged grill screens with these new ones your Continantal will shine in new splendor!

All dimensions of the mesh, thickness of the material and size of the precut screen are like original.
The fourth picture shows how perfectly the distinctive structure of the original grill screen could be copied.
You won't find more beautiful reproductions.

Please add EUR 15,00 for extra packing.

There are grill screens available elsewhere which don't have the right pattern and are spray painted and not anodized.
This low quality can't be compared with our grill screens

Extra packing: Shipping plus €15.00 packing fee


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Andrew writes: 31.07.2021
Expensive but well made and nicely finished part. Given the prices complete machines seem to command, the costs is in truth not an issue for the quality provided
AMY writes: 06.07.2018
the grill is very beautiful and there is a good packaging for transport
Mark writes: 17.10.2013
These grill screens are fantastic quality and always fit perfectly. Not cheap, but really finishes a Continental off.
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