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Rubber ring for idler wheel

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AMI F80 to Continental 2 (45 rpm) and BAL-AMI
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AMI did use the shown idler wheel for the models F 120 up to the Continental 2(only 45 rpm). It was used on (some) BAL-AMIs, too. The bushing has a 4 mm hole (# F-898).

  • F-80, F-120
  • G-80, G-120, G-200
  • H-100, H-120, H-200
  • I-100, I-120, I-200
  • J-100, J-120, J-200
  • K-100, K120, K200
  • Continental – nur 45 rpm
  • Continental 2 – nur 45 rpm
  • einige BAL-AMI

We did make reproductions of the rubber ring, so you don't need to replace the complete idler if not necessary. If needed we offer complete idlers with a 4 mm hole too - compare A006. The second photo shows an original idler wheel for demonstration only.

Price is for one rubber ring.

The idler wheel assembly F-898 is also found in the receiver-selector assembly in record changer model 900 used in models AMI G-200. The rubber replaces the old one, too. Later models AMI H, I etc. do not use this idler wheel in the receiver-selector unit.


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