Rubber sleeve

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Small but very important!

This rubber sleeve is fit inside the scan control and moves the mechanism cut off switch. If the rubber gets hard or worn it can happen that the mechanism doesn't shut off.
Used in the record changers 900 to 960 of the G200, H, I, J and early K-models. The orig. part number is F-3671.

Our sleeve had been made especially for us and does have the dimensions like the original one.


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Daniel writes: 16.03.2023
This part is very important for the correct operation of the record changer. This replacement part is the correct size so that the changer scans 110 spaces each time the play control magnet is operated.
Matthias writes: 15.10.2022
Starmann ist immer sehr schnell und zuverlässig!
Peter writes: 16.12.2020
Das Teil hat einwandfrei gepasst und ist sauber hergestellt.
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