Idler wheel 33/45 rpm

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AMI Continental and Rowe starting with JAL/JEL using Intermix (33 und 45 rpm), 3 mm shaft, height 9,5 mm
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This idler wheel is used in Continental and later jukeboxes by AMI/Rowe (JAL/JEL and up) with the intermix feature (33 and 45 rpm).
The center hole is 3 mm, height 9.5 mm = 3/8". The original AMI/Rowe part number is F-8006.

Please note: If your model is for 45 rpm only you will either need the idler wheel with a height of 14.5 mm, bushing 3 mm (A200 for models JAL/JEL and up, orig. AMI/Rowe part number F-10889) or the earlier one with a bushing of 4 mm (A006 for models up to Continental 2, orig. part number F-898).


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