Dome glass 1455

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The dome glasses for the Rock-Ola model 1455 are made from 5 mm high quality clear glass (less green) and got screen-printed from both sides.
The printing had been made with ceramic colors - true to original.
These colors got burned into the glass surface at about 600 C°. They can't be removed and can't get scratches afterwards.

The golden printing is made with a special ceramic colour too which gets a beautiful shine after burning-in.
The special shine comes from real gold as parts of this color.
This color is very expensive but there is no other way to get this beautiful appearance.

The glasses are bend precise and fit very well.

We have a special packing for these glasses so we can ship them safe in a big cardboard box by postal service.

To save on costs for packing and shipping we usually include a prepaid package return label which you kindly use to return the big box including all special packing materials.
That way the costs are less for you and we can reuse the materials again.

Shipping is EUR 60,00 for most European countries then.

For orders send overseas we charge EUR 50,00 for extra packing.
We will let you know the total costs in advance and won't send without your confirmation.

Extra packing: Shipping plus €50,00 packing fee


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anthony writes: 03.09.2020
perfect reproduction many thanks
* incl. tax, plus shipping