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Ornaments "1 0 0", chrome plated

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Exact reproduction of the chrome plated "1 0 0" which is mounted on the mechanism covers of the Princess (1493) and wall mount models.

We recommend not to fasten these ornaments with speed nuts. We add little pieces of tube - that way the ornaments can easily be removed if necessary.

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francois writes: 27.07.2020
Considering how bad was the old "100" , those shine and look great. I like the plastic sleeves because I can fix them properly without putting the old clips and/or glue. So they hold enough, and if I want to repaint the mechanism cover, i just have to remove the sleeves and put them again. AWESOME !
John writes: 12.11.2019
Brilliant chrome reflective finish.
Eric writes: 14.08.2019
Great product, thank you!
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