V-emblem for grill screen Tempo 1 and 1465

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chrome plated plastic
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Since the Rock-Ola Tempo models are close to our hearts, we have invested a lot in the reproduction of the "Cadillac-V" true to original.
This distinctive element decorates the speaker grill of the Tempo 1 models (1468/1475) and the earlier model 1465.
On the Tempo 1 models colour and material are identical with the fin inserts.

Rock-Ola made these trim parts from plastic by injection molding.
We also chose this complex and costly process for our replicas. Therefore all dimensions and details are 100% true to original.
In respect of quality and value, we think our V-emblems can't be compared with trim parts made from sheet metal which are offered elsewhere.

The screws for mounting are included. Also the quick fasteners for the pivots at the top end.
Alternatively you can use the silicone tubes that we include (Fig. 6).

The chrome plating has not been done in a painting process or by vapor deposition but galvanically (copper-nickel-chrome). This means that the surfaces are metallically hard and smooth.
Nevertheless small defects may occur (see Fig. 7). However, these will no longer be visible from a short distance already.

You might want to slightly enlarge the holes in the front frame to make fitting easier (see picture 5).


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Ralf writes: 08.12.2023
Das V ist einfach perfekt, alle Schrauben dabei und super passgenau, kein Bohren nötig in der Tempo 1 120.
Ich kann das wirklich empfehlen, alles andere ist nicht von dieser tollen Qualität.
Georg writes: 05.02.2023
Top Qualität,
Das V passt perfekt in die vorgebohrten Löcher der Tempo 1.
Bei mir kein nacharbeiten an der Box nötig.
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