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Motor mount, type A

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Rubber motor mounts for Seeburg motors from the 1950s up. Worn or damaged motor mounts loose their antivibration charateristic, so that the vibrations of the motor affect the cartridge and can cause sound distortions.

Inner diameter of motor mount: 28,5 mm
Inner diameter of motor mount: 57 mm

Note: In the late 1970s a different motor was used which needs motor mounts with an inner diameter of 26 mm - see item S024.

Price each. Two motor mounts per motor are required.


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André writes: 25.07.2021
Sehr guter Ersatz, passt exakt.
philiep writes: 11.02.2021
so goods as originals, very good
stabile writes: 02.10.2019
Steve writes: 21.07.2019
Excellent mounts as good as the originals. Cured all vibration and bad sound.
peter writes: 01.05.2019
Besser geht nicht - wie Original
Thomas writes: 09.03.2018
Sehr gute Ware
Lawrence J. writes: 27.03.2017
These motor mounts, (and the rubber bumper for the bottom of the motor #S022), were all I needed to cure an annoying hum in the background while playing records on my jukebox. The hum was motor vibration picked up by the stylus because the old mounts were 57-58 years old and completely shot. These worked like a charm!
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