T10 wedge base lamp #656

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28 Volt, 60 mA, 1,7 Watt - GE #656
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We offer the most important lamps used in jukeboxes. Please compare the data of your lamp with those of our tables.
Often the number equals the original one used by GE (General Electric).

No. Type Base V mA W Ea. 10 pcs
656 wedge base
T10 28 60 1,7 € 1,00 € 9,00


This lamp is used e.g. in these jukeboxes:
Seeburg Olympian SPS160, Matador SPS2, Regency FC1 (instruction and credit)
Topaz 100-77D, Celestia 100-78D (credit)
Vogue II STD160, Quadrophonic SQS160 (instruction and credit)
Entertainer STD2, Quad Entertainer SQS2 (instruction and credit)
Sunstar STD3, Quad Sunstar SQS3 (instruction and credit)
Mardi Gras STD4 (instruction and credit)


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ALAIN writes: 22.02.2021
Perfect. Thanks.
Anthony writes: 29.03.2020
Excellent service thanks,
Installation note on the STD Seeburg, on the pcb where these lamps fit are series resistors,
I found that I had to change from the 180 ohms to 50 ohms to get the correct brightness.

Cheers Tony
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