Motor run capacitor 1 + 1.4 µF

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Exact replacment for the motor run capacitor used for the Seeburg models B (1951) to 222 (1959). The capacitor is rated for 1.0 and 1.4 µF at 400 Volts.p

If you have a motor which doesn't start well or doesn't run smooth you might want to check this component.
The capacitor is 34 mm in diameter and 74 mm high. The soldering connectors are marked.

High quality, industry standard.
Quality can't be compared with "self-made" capacitors in plastic tubes.

Originally this capacitor is needed for the following models:
- M100B, M100C
- HF100G, 100W / EHF100G, E100W
- HF100R, 100J / EHF100R, E100J
- V200, VL200 / EV200, EVL200
- KD200, KS200, L100 / EKD200, EKS200, EL100
- 201, 161, 101 / E201, E161, E101
- 220, 222 / E220, E222 - Channel

For the models made later than 222 another capacitor with slightly different values had been used - we offer that one too - our item no. S042.

All capacitors at one look: Extra overview


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Don writes: 17.05.2023
Thank you very much!
The capacitor worked great and my Jukebox is up and running again as soon as I installed it!
Beautiful replacement part, looks and feels like the original capacitor.
Couldn’t be happier.
Robert writes: 06.01.2023
Very good quality. Shipping to states was very quick and very reasonable.
Thank you, I will be a return customer
Robert writes: 06.01.2023
Very good quality. Shipping to states was very quick and very reasonable.
Thank you, I will be a return customer
Eric writes: 20.12.2022
Excellent fit and quality!! I used one in my 201 and one in my M100B.
Carlos writes: 09.11.2022
Perfect pieces, great communication, great suppliers.
david writes: 19.08.2022
great replacement, great service
Jean writes: 19.05.2022
Quick shipping. Always the best quality.

Die beste Qualität wie immer. Vielen dank!

Expédition rapide et vendeur courtois. Les meilleurs produits !
Benjamin writes: 11.02.2022
These capacitors work perfectly. The markings are nice and clear unlike the originals. Most of the replacements are made from poly film ac caps which overheat and self destruct after a while. These will not do that. I have used 8 of them so far with no issues.
Mike writes: 18.11.2021
Most of the time... C or common is WHITE WIRE..... smaller uF is usually GREEN WIRE...... higher uF is usually Grey wire

Not always... but usually...... be sure you know what your doing.. this item is top shelf... well marked.. Mike at OHIOSEEBURGREPAIR
Mike writes: 18.11.2021

Mikael writes: 05.05.2021
Capacitor that looks like the original, and works perfectly.
todd writes: 28.03.2021
Excellent item. Arrived in U.S. no issues. Will order more items from you in the very near future.
James writes: 05.03.2019
Excellent service,friendly seller......Capacitor looks like NOS!
Richard writes: 18.02.2018
Excellent quality and timely delivery. The only thing that would help me out would be to color code the connections to the wires on the unit.
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