Freeplay adapter VL - DS

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Item #: 49-6881
for V (with TSR3) VL, KD, KS, 161, 201, 220, 222, AY100, AY 160, DS100, DS160
available at Victory Glass, USA

Your Seeburg V (with TSR3), VL, KD, KS, 161, 201, 220, 222, AY, or DS using power supply TSR3, TSR5, etc. shall work permanently and safely on free play? Then this free play adapter is a good and safe option. It replaces the (sometimes troublesome) electro-mechanical credit units. It is a simple plug-in installation.

You can get it from Victory Glass in the USA: Please contact them directly.

Manufacturer's description:
Here is how it works: SELECT light remains lit whenever you power up your jukebox. Latch solenoid remains at rest. When a selection is made, the first key (letter or number) is pressed, the latch solenoid energizes to complete the selection in the conventional way. Also has my exclusive safety feature: If ONLY one letter or number key is pressed, the latch solenoid releases the key and goes back to the rest position after 15 seconds. No more HOT and BUZZING latch solenoid. Eliminates the fire hazard caused by an overheated solenoid.

Note: If your V200 is equipped with a TSR1 you will need the free play adapter 49-6880.


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