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black velvet, for 78 rpm jukeboxes
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These record tray inserts are made from aluminum coated in black velvet with the centre hole pressed from the aluminium disc (see picture 1).
They are the first reproductions world-wide made this way, others have a centre hole rivet, which can work lose and fall out and even hurt the mechanism of your jukebox.
Worts case is a burned main drive motor.

Please note:
Unfortunately we can only offer these inserts as a "kit" right now.
We have no longer time to do the finishing work.
What you will get is a plain aluminum tray and the punced velvet ring for it.
The discs come protected with film on both sides to avoid scartches on the sensitive aluminum.
You have to apply the velvet rings with spray glue.
This needs skill and experience!
After the velvet rings have been glued onto the aluminium discs you can - but don't have to - sand the edge of the discs to get a nicer appearance (picture 3). The velvet material is slightly larger than the aluminum.
The inside diameter of the center bushing might need to be slightly enlarged with a metal pin or similar tool so the axis of your turn table fits well into it (picture 4).
Please order only if you are sure that you can do all the neccessary work.
If you work carefully the result will be great.

price per piece (one tray, one velvet ring)


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Andrew writes: 06.03.2015
Fantastic product as everything i buy from this company always is.
The quality and service is the best i have found.
Forget about another dealer, these guys are 1000% better both with the quality of all their products and their service
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