Load resistor 1.65/9 KOhm

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for US-Wurlitzer amplifier 530, 532, 534 and 536; fits also amp 528
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This load resistor replaces the original ones used in the US Wurlitzer amplifiers 530, 532, 534 and 536. With some modificaton it can also be used in the amplifier 528. The original part numbers are #64909 and #70897.

The electrical values are like the original ones (1650 Ohm/15 Watt and 9k/10 Watt).
For safety reasons the resistor is fully isolated - different than other resistors which are available elsewhere.

The length is about 1.5 mm longer (not 5 mm ...) which usually isn't a problem when mounting.
Since a customer did complain we grind them down when there is time (can't do that always though!)

The second photo shows a new resistor fitted (still original length).


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Malcolm writes: 11.12.2018
Although billed as an exact replacement it is 5mm longer than the original meaning it does not fit inside the original cradle. Also the spade terminals are much larger. This means a new higher, wider cradle needs to be made to fit this item properly. On the plus side it does look more sturdy than the original, time will tell!
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