Background foil "Waffle Pattern"

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gold, for W1900 and W2000
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This golden foil with a destinct waffle pattern is used for the upper background panel of the Wurlitzer models 1900 and 2000.
We are glad that we can offer this important decorative item again!
A factory had custom made the material for us, thickness and surface finish are same as original!
From our point of view these are the most beautiful foils avaiable worldwide.
The best for your Wurlitzer!

The foil had been vacuum formed to gain the embossed waffle pattern - like little "cushions".
A thin clear foil on both sides protects the front side and the sensitive coating on the back side as well.
The protective foil on the back should not be removed, the front foil can be removed when the foil had been fitted.

Due to lack of time we can't offer this item precut any longer.
Also the holes still need to be punched.
Please order only if this is acceptable for you!

We did lower the sales price.

Note: The shown back door is not included.


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Jeffrey writes: 21.08.2020
There is nothing closer than this, it looks great. I still have the original but it’s torn and begun to separate. I wasn’t going to replace it because I hadn’t seen any reproductions worth it. This one is definitely worth it.
Günter writes: 20.08.2019
Empfelenswert !
Randall writes: 28.10.2018
Excellent product! The foil in my 1900 had been replaced by a US reproduction foil and it was horrible. I ordered this from Stamann and it looks beautiful! The pattern looks original, it is puffy like the original not flat like the other reproduction. Thanks for another great product!
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