Baby Coati "Nayara"

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Manufacturer Kösen, size 30 cm (~ 12"), light-brown
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Coatis (Nasua) are a South American bear species that are noticeable for their prominent nose. Their long face ends in a very long and flexible nose. They have an excellent sense of smelling, thus they find insects even under thick tree barks.
But their nose is a handy tool too. They use it to dig in the ground for food. To reach even the last fruits on the trees coatis became perfect climbers during evolution.
To climb up the tree they 'hug' the trunk and push themselves up with their hind legs. But the way downwards is as spectacular too: With their strong paws they strongly grip the bark and just stroll down the tree head first.

Only female Coatis live in one group together, males are mavericks. With mating season one male is being allowed to join the group by subordinating itself, taking care of the females fur and to defend itself against other males. After little less than 3 months two o seven offsprings get delivered in a nest in a tree.

Our plush coati "Nayara" wanders through the forests by itself already, but likes to return to its mother still. This can be a child as well which takes care well of this lovely plush animal.

Size: 30 cm (~ 12")
Colour: Light-brown with black
Filling: Polyester fibre
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur, Germany

The proceeds of this sale will be donated to a children's charity organisation.


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