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Manufacturer Kösen, length 13 cm (~ 5.1"), black & white
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The House Martin (Delichon urbicum) is next to the shore-, smoke- and rock-swallow the fourth type from the family of the swallows which occur in Central Europe. It belongs to the migratory birds and hibernates in South Africa. In addition, it is characterised by local loyality, because it returns from the wintering grounds to its birthplace.
The House Martin reaches a length of approx. 13 cm and weighs only between 16 and 25 grams. Head, back, upper side of the wings and tail are blue-black, but the parsons nose is white. Thus, the House Martin can be distinguished from other swallows well.

Originally, House Martins built its nests at vertical rock-walls. One still finds such colonies at suitable places today, however, the bird became a cultural follower within the years and followed humans into the city and on the country. Here, the House Martin builds its nests at house- and barn-walls or at bridges. The material for this is mixed from clayey soil and built up piece by piece with saliva. Except for a small entrance hole, it is completely closed. Upholstered with stalks and feathers it will be ready for the offspring, of which there are two in the year between May and September.
Although the House Martin is still one of the most common breeding birds, their popolation has been decreased for decades. The need for protection was recognised when they were voted "bird of the year" in 1974 already. Some causes of the decline are decreasing breeding possibilities, a reduced supply of insect food and the deliberate destruction of nests.

Our plush House Martin has a length of 13 cm and is therefore of the same size as the real House Martin. It is also faithful to its habitat without being a migratory bird. Because in its new home it is certainly not necessary to look for warmer regions in winter. But of course this swallow likes to travel with you, e.g. when you are on holiday.

Length: 13 cm (~ 5.1")
Colour: black & white
Filling: Special polyester fibres and granules
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur

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