Roman Snail "Wally"

Item #: Kö-F6770
Manufacturer Kösen, length 19 cm, off-white, shell in brown with stitchery
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The Roman Snail (Helix pomatia) belongs to the Helicidae and reaches a length of 10 cm. The official name Helix refers to the spiral shaped shell on its back. This can get a size of 3 - 5 cm and is made from lime.
The Roman Snail lives almost all over Europe. It prefers clear woods and open spaces with not too dry calcareous substrate. Last is needed to stabilise the shell and to build an epiphragm for hibernating.
Roman Snails are listed on the Red List of threatened species.

Roman Snails are diurnal and feed themselves of plants. Those get rasped with the tongue, which is covered with ca. 40,000 litle teeth. The upper tentacles - each one does have an eye - are used for both seeing and smelling, the lower ones for touching and tasting.

The name is probably derived from the fact, that humans (Romans) did spread it all over Europe.

Did you know that Roman Snails even can repair little to medium size damagaes at their shell? And that they might reach an age of up to 30 years when kept well?
We hope that playing with "Wally" will not cause any damage to its shell. But of course it is not needed to touch it with kids gloves. It loves playing around as much as lovely places in a cool shadow. Under these circumstances, we are sure, it easily reaches the age of 30.

Length: 19 cm (~ 7.5")
Colour: Off-white
Shell: Brown with white-brown stitchery
Material: Alcantara leather
Filling: Special polyester fibres
Manufacturer: Kösener Spielzeug Manufaktur, Germany

The proceeds of this sale will be donated to a children's charity organisation.


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