Shiba-Inu, Husky, Jack Russell, Bernese Alpine Dog, Golden Retriever, Spitz, Pug, and more

Dogs Koesen plush animal stuffed toyThe dog, so it is said, is the most true friend of man. It does have a particuliar intuition for its owner. The US writer Josh Billings said one day: "The dog is the soley creature on earth which loves you more than itself." And the German composer Hubert Ries says: "If the dog is with you man becomes more human."

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  • Fennec, standing
    Manufacturer Kösen, size 33 cm (~ 13"), sandy
    Item #: Kö-F6290
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  • Fennec, lying
    Manufacturer Kösen, size 32 cm (~ 12.7"), sandy
    Especially soft and flexible, filled with granules.
    Priced with the "Preferred Choice Award", USA 2009.
    Item #: Kö-F5740
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  • Arctic Fox, sitting
    Manufacturer Koesen, height 20 cm (~ 8"), length 25 cm (~10"), white
    Item #: Kö-F3930
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